Age range: 11-14
Duration: 60 or more mins
  • Computing
  • D&T

Design an automatic lighting system

Use the BBC micro:bit programmable system to create a working prototype

This is one of a series of resources to support the use of the BBC micro:bit in Design and Technology lessons.

People are always looking for ways to save energy. It is estimated that the average UK homeowner could save up to £240 a year alone on the cost of lighting their home.

In this unit of learning, learners will use the BBC micro:bit to develop a prototype for an LED based automatic home lighting system, designed to save energy.

Activity info, teachers' notes and curriculum links

In this activity, learners will develop their programmable lighting system using the BBC micro:bit.

The activity sheet includes teachers' notes, useful web links, and links (where appropriate) to the national curriculum in each of the four devolved nations; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Activity overview

Design an automatic lighting system activity description, teachers' notes and curriculum links.



An opportunity for students to develop their own program.



Developing the programmable system - student handout with example programs



Lighting - Podcast produced by Fun Kids Radio as part of the Techno Mum series.



Smart lighting - Podcast produced by Fun Kids Radio as part of the Techno Mum series.

Saving lighting energy

Exploring how the BBC micro:bit sensors can be used to help reduce the overall amount of energy that we use.

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