Age range: 14-16
Duration: 0 - 29 mins
  • Maths
  • D&T
  • Physics

Water wheel construction

Determine the angles and lengths of components in a water wheel

A water wheel is a machine for converting the energy of flowing or falling water into useful forms of power, often in a watermill. A water wheel consists of a wheel with a number of blades or buckets arranged on the outside rim forming the driving surface.

Activity info, teachers' notes and curriculum links

An engaging starter activity in which students will use a water wheel model to determine various angles and lengths.

The activity sheet includes teacher notes, guidance, useful web links, and links (where appropriate) to the national curriculum in each of the four devolved UK nations; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Activity overview

Water wheel construction activity description, teachers' notes and curriculum links



Calculating the angles and lengths of various aspects of a water wheel

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